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Facts that inspire us

A time of fulfilled challenges and growth opportunities: this is how we summarize 2020. Discover what we managed to do in a period in which new businesses and growth opportunities stood out in line with our Corporate Strategy.

Integrated Report 2020 / Facts that inspire us

Slide We shortened the distance to solutions In 2020, we installed digital-service points in public businesses in the most-remote areas of Valle del Cauca and Tolima, to access any of our services. Also, with Celsia Móvil – a vehicle that travels to remote areas – we serve clients without their having to go to a local office, and with the Good Energy Troop, which goes block-by-block in municipalities, we resolve their concerns. At the end of the year, 39 municipalities and 60,000 clients in both Departments benefitted from these services. Slide We expanded our response capacity On May 11, 2020, at the critical moment of the pandemic, we opened the doors of our service offices under strict biosecurity measures. We also duplicated our service team in the channels, with the support of administrative managers and new hired personnel. Undoubtedly, this was key to responding to the high demand for client emails, calls and requests, but it also allowed us to advance in digital transformation: in 2020, virtual transactions increased by 98% and claims decreased by 64%. Slide We contributed to the economic reactivation In a year marked by the pandemic, we embraced the accelerated digitization that the economy faced due to mandatory isolation. Launching ourselves into the creation of the Orange Directory was our contribution to the economic reactivation; and thinking of a platform within our Website to register businesses was an ideal solution for entrepreneurs and MSMEs from Tolima and Valle del Cauca. Slide Supporting our suppliers, we move the economy During the pandemic, after the Government declared energy service as essential for the population, we reaffirmed that our allies were vital to achieve the purpose of keeping our network in excellent condition. Thus, we provided financial support to our suppliers, reducing the payment period of our invoices to help maintain their cash flow, which – meant for them – meeting their commitments and continuing to operate. Slide Creativity to encourage culture The sum of good ideas and busines sponsorships results in the strengthening of an artistic industry capable of building society. But ¿what happens when this equation is altered? With the doors closed during the first months of the pandemic, there were no events to sponsor. Looking for solutions to solve this, we concluded that moving to virtuality was just and necessary. Today, our video Energía bonita, a hopeful musical proposal, led with the Metropolitan Theatre of Medellín – which involved artists from Valle del Cauca and Tolima – had 60,000 visits. Slide Keep projects in uncertainty Although during the contingency we thought about suspending the development of some projects in Colombia and Central America – due to the fears of some communities regarding COVID-19 – we launched ourselves to be more creative and to look for new alternatives to move them forward.
In Tolima, 450 new jobs were created and 50 solar projects continued their development, all this during the highest peak of the pandemic, while in Honduras, we generated 135 new jobs and three solar projects.
Slide Challenging moments make us grow together Giving continuity to education, Managing donations for health and that could reach public hospitals, among other relevant aspects, were challenging tasks that we set for ourselves. However, together we managed to move forward.

Today, we continue with heal support limited to certain needs; we adapt educational methodologies to heal teachers, and we continue to improve school infrastructure in energy and water issues.

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