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Businesses that challenge us

We generate clean, reliable energy; we ensure its transmission and distribution to guarantee quality, continuous service, and we commercialize it to deliver energy-efficiency solutions to all our clients, to grow without pause in the country and in the region.

Integrated Report 2020 / Businesses that challenge us

This chapter covers the topics:


Transmission and distribution


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At Celsia, we do our best to grow together and we are committed to continuous improvement.  We have clean, reliable energy-generation assets that contribute to the sustainable development of the countries where we are present.  Our commitment is to keep these assets operating with the highest standards of quality, efficiency and availability.

To guarantee a world-class operation, we have key factors, such as the responsible management of the health and safety of our employees and contractors; respect, protection and conservation of ecosystems, and knowledge of and a close relationship with the Stakeholders around us.  Likewise, we have reliable assets that support market demands, ensuring in-depth knowledge of the facilities and equipment; outstanding, committed, empowered and comprehensive employees; rigorous compliance with operational controls; and, lastly, excellent short-, medium- and long-term planning and scheduling.

Thanks to the adequate management of the energy-generation assets and coordination between the Commercial and Management Teams for Short- and Long-Term Purchase and Sale with the Operation and Management Teams of the generation plants, we have managed to contribute to the leverage, innovative investments – such as electric mobility – energy-efficiency solutions, growth in the energy-distribution business, as well as being pioneers in the generation of energy from non-conventional renewable sources.

In 2020, our generation business represented 5.61% of the Colombian energy matrix.

We have a total installed capacity of

1.872,64 MW

63 MW more than in 2019

This includes the installed capacity of solar floors and household solar roofs.

Commissioning of the San Andrés de Cuerquia Small Hydroelectric Plant

New solar projects (farms, floors and roofs)

Updates in generation assets


of our installed capacity corresponds to hydro generation (1,249.64 MW in 23 hydroelectric plants).


to thermal generation (476.2 MW in three backup thermal plants).


to photovoltaic generation (97.31 MW in solar farms, roofs and floors).


to wind generation (49.5 MW, a wind-power plant).

This includes the installed capacity of solar floors and household solar roofs.

Noteworthy are the two recognitions granted by the Colombian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation for investment projects called “Development of a Sustainable Sediment-Management System for the Lower Anchicayá Power Plant” and “Center for Advanced Generation Diagnosis, CDAG (in Spanish)”.

In the Transmission and Distribution Business, we develop projects in our transmission and distribution networks to achieve compliance with our MEGA, taking into account the needs and expectations of our clients and other Stakeholders.


For this, we analyze the new trends in the sector to deliver the energy that our clients want and that our service-quality indicators can satisfy their Needs.  We do this through the modernization of substations, circuits and control systems, and through the development of smart grids, microgrids and other technological advances to make them more reliable and secure, which also contributes to the growth and profitability of the business with adequate risk management, fully integrated with strategic risks to reduce the impacts generated by the operation.

Thanks to more than 43,000 kilometers of distribution lines and 291 kilometers of transmission lines, we connect thousands of clients, homes and companies with increasingly clean, reliable energy.  During 2020, we made investments for more than COP 340 billion, complying with the projects defined in Resolution 015 of 2018 from the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission – CREG, in Spanish – which allowed us to maintain the quality indicators and losses at optimal values.

We continue to advance in the modernization of the infrastructure in the creation of smart grids.

The Colombian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation approved the Digitalized, Distributed, Democratized and Autonomous Network (RDDDA, in Spanish) project, for a value of COP 87.200 billion, which allows us to offer our clients better services and helps reduce billing costs.


In energy commercialization, we want to transcend the role of simple electric-energy Service providers to become allies of our clients in terms of energy supply, energy-efficiency solutions and other innovative products and services.  This, in the wholesale market, we contribute to the reliable supply and efficient formation of energy prices; and in the retail market, we seek to improve the quality of life in homes and the productivity of companies.

In 2020, we highlight that in the wholesale market, we achieved 102% of the marketing margin budgeted for the business and we incorporated three new large clients in Central America: Alimentos Cárnicos CEDI, Alimentos Cárnicos Planta y Concreto S.A.

In addition, we consolidated the process of commercializing carbon emission-reduction certificates.

In the retail market, we increased our client base in Colombia by 3.4%, thus reaching a total of 1,194,875 clients.

In Central America, we went from seven to 42 clients in this market, an increase that is particularly due to the good performance in the segment of non-regulated clients and clients of new products.


We continue to be pioneers in projects to product electricity from custom photovoltaic systems and we have expanded our offer of both public and private electric-mobility solutions.

How did we respond to COVID-19?

To face the challenges derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020, we sought to maintain an excellent experience for our clients.  Thus, the We Are With You (Estamos Contigo) Program, which offered business clients the possibility of benefitting from a grace period and deferring the accumulated value, linked 67 accounts by adding 593 GWh of long-term contracted energy.  Likewise, Celsia offered all client segments “solutions” to their communication, relationship and bill-payment needs.

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  • Advanced Vision Operations Core (NOVA, in Spanish)
    Our Integrated Operations Center, unique in Latin America, puts our Organization at the forefront in terms of monitoring, supervising and controlling the entire electrical network and new businesses.
  • Center for Advanced Generation Diagnosis (CDAG in Spanish)
    A technology initiative of the Hydraulic-Generation Team for the supervision, diagnosis and analysis of the operating variables associated with the generation units.
  • CREG
    The Energy and Gas Regulation Commission.
  • Demand response
    It enables commercial and industrial consumers to respond to market signals by increasing or reducing their energy consumption.
  • MEGA
    Large and Ambitious Goal (Meta Grande y Ambiciosa) that provides strategic guidelines to the Organization.
  • National Transmission System (STN, in Spanish)
    The interconnected electrical energy-transmission system made up of the set of lines with their corresponding connection modules, which operate at voltages equal to or greater than 220 kV.
  • RDDDA (in Spanish)
    The Digitalized, Distributed, Democratized and Autonomous Network.
  • Regional Transmission System (STR, in Spanish)
    The interconnected electrical energy-transmission system composed of regional or interregional transmission networks; also, it is made up of the set of lines and substations with their associated equipment, which operate at voltages of less than 220 kV and do not belong to a local distribution system.
  • Regulated clients
    The vast majority are residential clients or small businesses with maximum consumption of 55 MWH/month or 100 kW of power. The rates at which we sell energy to them are regulated by the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG, in Spanish).
  • Retail commercialization
    Transactions between an energy-trading company and the end user (homes, business centers, industry, etc.)
    A quality indicator that measures the average duration of System Interruption.
    A quality indicator that measures the average interruption frequency of the system.
  • Smart Meters (AMI)
    Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). It is the latest technology available that allows the Company not only to have a more-accurate record of client consumption, but also encourages it to develop new products and services to make the most of the information we begin to collect through these new teams.
  • Unregulated clients
    They are large consumers of energy. Due to this condition, they are free to contract the provision of the energy service with the company that offers them the best price in generation and commercialization; therefore, the rates are agreed upon through a negotiation process between the client and the company.
  • Wholesale commercialization
    Transactions between the generating agents and the marketers that represent the end clients.

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