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Client experience

For us, the client is the center of the strategy, which is why we seek to impact them favorably at all times.  We watch over their well-being and offer them memorable experience, and innovative, disruptive solutions.

Integrated Report 2020 / Client experience

This chapter covers the topics:

Customer management


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At Celsia, the client is the center of our strategy.  Our business model and portfolio are focused on advising them and offering them comprehensive, efficient energy solutions that allow them to take advantage of the opportunities associated with new market trends.

We date to be different to carry out innovations and develop tailor-made solutions for our clients.

To fulfill our commitment to innovation, over the last few years we have increased the budget dedicated to Innovation and Development (I+D).

In 2020, our investment increased 306%, compared to 2019.

We want to guarantee our clients a memorable experience.  This implies knowing their needs very well, ensuring optimal communication and monitoring their satisfaction in different aspects.

To do this, in 2020 we started one of our main Corporate projects:  To Turn Our Clients into Fans, the mail goal of which is to make them fall in love.  This work is not the sole responsibility of the Commercial Team because at Celsia the client belongs to everyone and with each decision in the teams, we generate the commitment to meet and exceed their expectations.

How did we respond to COVID-19?

To face the virtual “new normal” in the situation generated by COVID-19, we strengthened access to information and interaction with Celsia in an easy, simple manner through virtual channels, guaranteeing a memorable experience among our clients who were confidently migrating towards a non-face-to-face relationship with Celsia.

We opened 15 new virtual-attention points in the same number of towns in Valle del Cauca and Tolima; likewise, we optimized our client service through digital channels in APP and

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  • Efficient consumption
    The ability to reduce the consumption of electric energy with respect to a usual reference pattern at times when the electrical system requires it.
  • Energy Efficiency
    An activity that aims to improve the use of energy sources, aimed at the fight against climate change, improving energy security and competitiveness.
  • External Client Experience Index (IECe, in Spanish)
    An internally developed client-experience measurement methodology, made up of four (4) components: experiences, loyalty disposition, positioning and value proposition. It is aimed at all channels or client-contact points with the Company and all the products and services we provide in the different segments.
  • Intelligent demand management
    The set of actions aimed at efficiently managing the consumption of a site, in order to reduce the costs of energy supply and the rates of access to the network and the system in general.
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    A digital interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet. Thus, they become intelligent objects that send and receive data to improve their individual and integrated functionality.
  • LuzIA
    It is an artificial-intelligence tool programmed to serve our customers with 24/7 availability; it was created to provide solutions for transactions or concerns.
  • Microgrids
    A group of distributed loads and energy resources with a clearly defined electrical frontier, which has the ability to be self-sufficient and operate in isolation or in parallel with the electrical system to supply local demand.
  • Pillars of Celsia Culture
    At Celsia, we live the culture of good energy, which we uphold in our four pillars and comes to live in each of the behaviors that represent us: We are agile and reliable. We do our best to grow together. We dare to be different. We enjoy making life easier.
  • Promise of value
    Positive attributes of the goods and services delivered by a company to its clients to satisfy their needs and expectations.
  • R+D
    This refers to the product research and development processes.
  • Renewable Energy
    The energy obtained from virtually inexhaustible natural sources, either because of the amount of energy they contain or because they are capable of regenerating themselves by natural means.
  • Satisfaction Index with Perceived Quality (ISCAL, in Spanish)
    A measurement of satisfaction carried out every two years, promoted by the Commission for Regional Energy Integration (CIER, in Spanish).

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